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The internet – an amazing tool

Last night I came across these photos.  The Rimes family are distant cousins, which is why I’d never focused on them.  These photos led to further search and I quickly confirmed their death dates and learned more about the terrible fire.  I felt drawn to find their fourth child, who was previously unknown to me.  The genealogist who posted the photos had information on his/her tree.  Fortunately, this genealogist was thorough and added many sources.  Upon further review of the sources, I agreed with the conclusions reached and added that child to my tree as well.

My point: what would have taken me months to do in days gone by was accomplished in 30 minutes thanks to the internet (and it’s powerful search engines) and a dedicated genealogist who was willing to post thorough research for others to see.

Lesson#1: be vigilant in your sourcing so others can benefit from your hard work!  Linking your sources to your ancestors is easier now than ever.

Lesson #2: check the sources of others and be sure their research is reliable.

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