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Online Personal Genealogist for Hire

Aimee HeadshotReceive hands on help via Zoom conferencing.  I will help you begin your genealogy research,  guide you through the research process or help you advance your research.

This service includes a review of your family history project and two Zoom sessions – three hours of professional research help for $125!

Call (214) 509-7292 or email to schedule.

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Ancestor Card Game

I believe knowing your ancestors makes one better and we will see them again someday. My grandchildren don’t know these people as I did, most have passed away. In wanting my family to draw closer to their ancestors I made this card game for my family. It turned out terrifically! How can you draw your family into their family history?

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Colorizing B&W Photos

Hazel Filer and Gary Kuenzli copy-Comparison has a new program where you can quickly and easily colorize and download black and white photographs. Ordinarily you can only colorize 10 photos, but given the circumstances we face today they are giving all users free and unlimited access to MyHeritage In Color™. Check it out!

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Creating Family History Books


One of my favorite things is creating a family history book. Image driven material is more interesting, particularly for the short attention spans of today. One of my clients wanted to donate a copy of his book to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is now available digitally.  Click here to check it out!

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Gift stupor of thought?

Christmas PromotionFamily history research makes a wonderful gift, especially for the person who has everything.  Whether its assistance with finding one’s ancestors, creating a beautiful book of their family history or tutoring them in their new genealogy hobby, genealogy consulting gift certificates are your solution!  Visit for more information.

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My most asked question. It’s taken the U.S. by storm. Most people know about ethnicity results which often come through an autosomal DNA test but there are other options as well and these options are currently on sale. Should you do it? The debate continues – with recent prosecutions aided by DNA, many question whether they should take the plunge.

mtDNA is a test that examines your mother’s line. This test examines your maternal ancestors only,  including their geographic origins. It can come in handy as women are often difficult to find with traditional records (they had few legal rights and thus were not recorded as frequently in history). Family Tree DNA is probably the most well know company to offer this test and their full sequence mtDNA test is on sale for $149 ($40 off) until August 31st. There are less expensive options as well.

Y-DNA is the second test that is unfamiliar to many. It examines your father’s line. The Y chromosome is passed from a father to his sons only. Testing the chromosome identifies the male’s paternal family line and can help determine your paternal surname as well as their geographic origins. This basic test is on sale now as well although it is recommended one complete the 67 marker test at a minimum(which in not currently on sale). is still the most popular autosomal DNA testing company with over 9 million people in their database. A good comparison chart of the various companies offering autosomal DNA testing can be found here. Most are currently running sales on these tests as well.

Should you do it? The New York Times recently published an article about genealogists cracking five more cold cases. In these examples the genealogist used an open-source DNA site called GEDMatch to find their matches. If you purchase a DNA test through or Family Tree DNA your results remain secure on their sites. But many people pull their DNA results from those sites and upload them to GEDMatch in hopes of finding additional matches. Personally I’m happy to see criminals put behind bars, but many are concerned that eventually medical insurance companies will collect this information which could result in denial of service or expensive rates. On the other hand, DNA is very easy to obtain and I know people who were adopted and have found their family through DNA testing and genealogical research. The debate continues and each person must evaluate the situation for themselves.

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Family Recipe Books

Now that the kids are back in school… are you looking for a fustevenson-cookbookn project? Maybe a Christmas gift for the family? Years ago I made a cookbook for my extended family. We were able to save some precious recipes of my grandmothers before she passed and they were lost forever, plus it was a great Christmas gift. Below are some pointers:

  1. Encourage family members to send you recipes.  Sometimes it’s fun to take a photo of a recipe card and preserve the recipe in your relative’s writing. Maybe your kids want to draw something (remember the days of elementary school essays – “how to cook a turkey” – and your kids’ wonderfully creative responses?)
  2. Encourage participation from everyone, even non-cookers. My dad wrote a fun “recipe” on how to cook a microwave dinner for ours!  Great laughs!
  3. Compile recipes and photographs in a wordprocessing program or you can even publish it on an internet program like Shutterfly,, or one of the many other programs online.
  4. Add an introduction, photographs and other personal notes. Be sure to back up your program to save it forever – it will become a treasure.
  5. Make extra copies when you publish your cookbook – they’ll be in demand in years to come.

My favorite family recipe 🙂