Genealogy fun

Father’s Day

One of the things I love about genealogy is the inevitable development of a greater appreciation of our ancestors.  As we near Father’s Day we have the opportunity to celebrate our dads, granddads, etc.  I ran across this card my grandmother gave to my grandfather and it made me laugh!

What’s your favorite memory of your father or grandfather?

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Ancestor Card Game

I believe knowing your ancestors makes one better and we will see them again someday. My grandchildren don’t know these people as I did, most have passed away. In wanting my family to draw closer to their ancestors I made this card game for my family. It turned out terrifically! How can you draw your family into their family history?

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Colorizing B&W Photos

Hazel Filer and Gary Kuenzli copy-Comparison has a new program where you can quickly and easily colorize and download black and white photographs. Ordinarily you can only colorize 10 photos, but given the circumstances we face today they are giving all users free and unlimited access to MyHeritage In Color™. Check it out!

Genealogy fun

Genealogy Go v Pokemon Go

By now you’ve probably heard about Pokemon Go. It’s taken the U.S. by storm! But what does it have to do with genealogy?? Pokemon Go users love the hunt! Pokemon Go gives you hints, but doesn’t tell you exactly where to find the nearest Pokemon. Doesn’t that sound like genealogy? So if you love a hunt, but haven’t tried genealogy, give it a try. Visit my page, Genealogy 101, to learn how to start your game of Genealogy Go!

Thanks for the fun analogy!