New YouTube Channel

Visit my YouTube Channel (click image) for helps and hints in your genealogy research.

Research Rates

Depending on the desired results, I offer an hourly rate or a flat rate.  Flat rates vary based on the project and are negotiated in advance.  Hourly rates are $45 per hour.  Initial consultation is complimentary.

Family History Books

Many clients are asking me for family history books.  While you may be thinking of boring list-type genealogy books that were common in genealogy in the past, my books are filled with images and engaging.  These are a great gift idea.  Please click here for more examples.

Sellmeyer book example 3 watermarked

Playing Cards

Playing cards are a wonderful way to encourage family history!  Even young children can play the “Matching Game” or enjoy “Go Fish” and fish for their ancestors!

Deck costs vary according to quantity.  The set up fee to create the decks varies depending on the project scope.

Contact me for pricing and sample cards.  Click here.