Learning about your ancestors is fun!  It’s detective work at its best.  Discovering those who came before you is a treasure hunt with great rewards!

Ancestry Consulting by Aimee was born out of a desire to help others discover their ancestors.  A study conducted at Emory University published in 2010 found that the more children know about their family history, the higher their sense of identity and emotional well-being.

Whether it’s helping others learn to do their research themselves or handing them a beautiful color book detailing those that came before, lives are forever touched.  That’s a rewarding business!

Let’s Chat

Whether you want to find out more about a mysterious relative, overcome an obstacle in your genealogy research, or just begin your family tree; finding the right genealogist is an important choice.  That’s why I offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals and your budget.



Aimee HeadshotAimee Cross

I have been engaged in genealogy research for myself and friends for almost 40 years.  With hundreds of projects completed, last year alone I was engaged in over 60 projects for clients across the United States.  Attendance at 2-3 national conferences a year helps me continue to learn, stay up-to-date on resources available, and keep aware of new developments within the industry.  Specializing in United States research, from pre-1850 research to DAR applications and African American projects (which are close to my heart as they can be so difficult), I am an experienced assistant in your search.  My computer skills allow me to quickly create meaningful reports and visually impressive books and games for my clients.  My presentation and lecture experience allows me to help your group develop their genealogy skills.


B.S., Business Administration, 1989

Activities & Affiliations

  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • National Genealogical Society, Member
  • Chicago Genealogy Society, Member
  • Texas State Genealogy Society, Member
  • Dallas, Texas Genealogy Society, Member
  • Utah State Genealogical Society, Member
  • Ventura and Santa Barbara, California Genealogical Societies, Member
  • Beta tester for FamilySearch and MyHeritage
  • Indexer for FamilySearch

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