Learning about your ancestors is fun!  It’s detective work at its best. Discovering those who came before you is a treasure hunt with great rewards! Ancestry Consulting by Aimee was born out of a desire to help others discover their ancestors.

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Aimee Cross


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“I wish I had realized that family history is a perishable commodity. It disappears with time, as memories fade, and as loved ones pass on.”



I would like to highly recommend Aimee Cross as an excellent genealogical researcher.  I have known Aimee for 6 years and recently hired her to do some research on my family lines.  She gave such a large amount of extra effort.  I truly felt as if she had a personal interest in my family’s history.

She asked many questions as she began the project so she would know exactly how to proceed.  She was thorough in her research and very prompt in finding results.  She not only found the information requested but also many other documents, newspaper articles, and pictures that made her work extraordinary.

I was completely satisfied with the work Aimee did for me and felt she gave her all in going the extra mile.

Mary Alice Butler

For a long time I wanted to have my husband’s genealogy done but I didn’t know where to begin.  I had no desire to do it myself.  When I learned that Aimee Cross had started a new business, I contacted her.  I had little background information and wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary.

Aimee did a thorough research job.  She made it easy for me throughout the process and kept in contact with me.  Her work was completed in a timely manner.  We talked and decided to go back five generations.  Aimee delivered what I requested.  The book is beautiful and will always be treasured by my family.  Both my grown sons were delighted to get a copy of their father’s family history.  This book is of great value.  I couldn’t believe how reasonable the price was after all the hours of work Aimee spent on this project.

I would highly recommend Aimee Cross to do your family’s genealogy.  She has a passion for this type of research!

Jeannine Sellmeyer

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