Lynn Chaney

About 2 months back I decided to hire a professional to write a report to prove that my Ancestors came from Kentucky. This was a big decision for me but I felt that it had to be done. I had no idea who to hire. I had seen Aimee Cross on YouTube many times and she was down to earth and made things really easy to understand. I called her and we talked about what I was looking for and she told me exactly what she would do. So I signed up.

I gave her family records and info that I had accumulated over the years. I also gave her access to Ancestry DNA and FamilySearch. I told her that I was not in a hurry, but just wanted to get it done.

From then on she took complete control like the professional she is. Maybe she would call or text to confirm a few things. One thing that was very important to me was the fact that I never knew when my Great Grandfather died. I always used the year before my Grandfather died. About a month, she calls me and said that she had found an Obituary for my Great Grandfather and read it to me. It was him. This was a bonus as far as I was concerned . I could go on and on but I let her do her job. About another week or so I get a cll fram her scything that she had the Report finished and sent me a copy of it to look over. It was 86 pages long. I was so pleased. But another thing she did that was not part of the deal was to find out that my Great Grandfather was not the father of my Grandfather. From the Obit we found that he died on 3 May 1875 and my Surname had a change in the 1600-1700s. She also went into my Ancestry DNA a nd traced my matches back to one of 4 descendants of one individual which is probably my 2nd Great Grandfather. That was another big bonus.

I guess what all this gibberish means is that I have nothing but great things to say about Aimee and hope one day to be able to work with her again. She is a great Genealogist and person. I would undoubtedly hire her to do any Genealogical work that I might need. Thanks again Aimee.