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1700s & early 1800s Genealogy Research

It’s tough… it is. You’re not alone if you’re frustrated. When you are trying to find the parents or the origins of someone in 1830 or 1780, you need to approach your research differently than you do after 1850. Since the U.S. Census only started recording the names of all members of the household in 1850, researching prior to that is difficult for many. This type of research makes up the bulk of my client projects. You’ll find some videos below that will make a HUGE difference. You can do it!

Learn my initial steps when approaching a project pre-1850.

In my experience, deeds are probably the MOST overlooked record set.

Probate records involve more than just wills, what can they provide for you?

And finally newspapers. Often a newspaper will be the only death record you can find.