Genealogy basics

Happy Veteran’s Day!

The fighting of “The Great War,” World War I, ended with an armistice on this day in 1918. In 1954 November 11 was set aside to honor not just those veterans, but American veterans of all wars. Thank you to all veterans out there! We owe our freedom to you.

While you may not have a veteran in your family history, you undoubtedly have one who filled out a draft card for WWI or WWII, both available now to researchers. Below is my great-grandfather George Cecil Stevenson’s WWI draft card. These are available on You must create an account but the account is free.

Note there are two pages to WWII draft cards as well, but on some websites, such as, you will see the first image only, you much click to see the second page. Please be sure to do so as it has a physical description and other information.

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