Genealogy basics

Sharing with Family (Part 2)

As part of a short series on sharing with family, today I’m focusing on a free social network (which is private unlike something such as Facebook).  This is just one of many ways to collaborate with your family, please comment with your ideas!

Famicity is a social network designed to protect, manage, and continue your family’s legacy through a laptop or phone app. While many family members might be on Facebook, it’s not a private, ad-free environment where the focus is family. At Famicity you can upload and share:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 6.14.52 PM

  • your family tree GEDCOM
  • old family photos (free), videos, audio, and documents (subscription)
  • new photos (free) and videos, audio, and documents (subscription) of the latest family events
  • messages and stories
Every person has a profile. Each person can add pictures, stories, and videos to share their stories and add to the family legacy. It’s invitation-only for your relatives, protecting your privacy with no advertising. It can’t be searched or accessed by the public, and Famicity does not retain any rights or ownership of your uploads. It’s a next-generation family photo album and history book wrapped into one.  Have you tried a program like this?

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