Genealogy basics

Sharing with Family (Part 1)

Interested in sharing photos and collaborating with family members?  Over the next few posts I’ll share just some of the many ways you can bring your family closer together.

Many people are familiar with Dropbox.  Dropbox is frequently used to share files & photos, but the comments function can facilitate communication.  My daughter-in-law Megan showed me how her family has used Dropbox to share photos and the stories that accompany them.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.53.20 PM

First a folder is created and shared with family members.  Megan’s uncle offered to scan in old family photos and the stories began.  Perhaps you’ve never noticed when you open a file (or photo) in dropbox, there is a place on the right for comments.  In the above example, a photo taken during WWI points out ancestor Angelo Dilibert on the right.  The comments section on the left allows for ongoing conversations.  Here the green circle notes the family patriarch added, “He was in the hospital with malaria from the swamps around Rome.”

Sometimes someone posts a question like, “Does anyone know who the guy on the right is?”  Family members can then chime in.  It’s simple, easy and fun.

There are many great ways to collaborate, but I like this one because it uses a common program.  The downside, the information is not saved with the photo once it is removed from Dropbox, so keep that in mind.  But it is one way to spur family togetherness!  How does your family share photos and memories?

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