Genealogy basics

Genealogy 101

So you want to give genealogy a try… but where to begin?

Here is a short list of things to get you started.  Visit my website for more ideas.

Butler Family Book 2

  1. Collect “perishable” things and preserve them. Ask questions of family members, recording conversations if you can.
    • Visit with your oldest living relative to learn more about their lives.  Ask for details but also ask open ended questions. (see article “Family Interview” for sample questions and other pointers – coming soon)
    • Organize photos and other memorabilia collected. (see article “Organization“)
    • Make digital copies and distribute to family members – thus ensuring their survival. (see article “Scanning Photos & Documents” – coming soon)
  2. Determine where you want to build your tree. (see article “Genealogy Programs“)
    • Computer programs
    • Online programs
    • World trees
  3. Begin by following “hints” available on most genealogy programs to become familiar with easily found sources.  But don’t accept all “hints” – they may not be correct.  Be sure to check information: location, spouse, children, birth date/place, etc. (see article “Genealogy 102” for searching helps – coming soon)
  4. Source and organize “finds” as you go, attaching them to your tree.
  5. Don’t get discouraged with inevitable brick walls. (see article “Overcoming Brick Walls” – coming soon)
  6. Use on-line resources to answer questions and find solutions.  Google can lead you to many great finds.
  7. One final word of advice… when looking at records, be sure to look at the image, there is a world of information in a census record or draft registration card. Be sure to take the time to view them.

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