Genealogy basics

Genealogy work – don’t loose it!

Workplace headache
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A cautionary tale for users… I’ve known many who begin their genealogy adventures on, a great free site where searching is easy, hints are offered and anyone can collaberrate at no cost. But because it is a community tree it is open to changes by anyone. There is nothing more frustrating than working to create your tree and then having your work disappear in a move by another user. I’ve seen many beginning genealogists get discouraged because the work they’ve done is lost and they don’t remember the details. Be sure to create your own tree that is yours alone. If you want to collaberate with use a program that complements it such as Rootsmagic or Rootsmagic is software that you load to your computer. is a fee based website. With either program you can transfer information to or from, but your tree is secure. If you need help, feel free to post a question.

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