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Public libraries and your genealogy search at home

The greatest innovation in genealogy is the internet and the ability to work at home on our own schedule.  Research has never been easier allowing us to fit it into our busy schedules (and our children’s).  Many public libraries make it even easier.  Most know libraries often have access to fee based sites at their locations.  However, many don’t realize you can sometimes access that same information at home through the library.  The Dallas Public Library allows its residents to access fee based sites such America’s Genealogy Bank, America’s Obituaries and Death Notices, Fold3 (Military Records), Dallas Morning News Archive and many others.  In Dallas, you must have a library card to access these services, but some libraries offer a great deal of information to all users.  So first check your local library, then check the library where you are focusing your family research.  You never know what you will find and free is always good!

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