Writing your history

Too busy to write your family history?

Photo courtesy of storygirlsblog.wordpress.com

Many have trouble finding the time to journal or write a family history, perhaps you’re a young mom or maybe you don’t particularly like journaling… but writing down your family’s history is an important part of genealogy and it’s a legacy for our children.

There’s a free journaling site that was featured at RootsTech (a genealogy conference in UT). They announced their plan to have the ability to interface with Facebook, Twitter, etc and sweep those entries into your online journal.  They expect this to be available this summer.  Many of us really have been journaling as we post important events on social media – now you can incorporate those into your journal.  You can also email entries, get reminders, and print a book.  The site is www.jrnl.com.  Check it out!

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